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The land of the Khmer

Cambodia - The land of the Khmer and Angkor Wat

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It is proven that the first people lived in the country as early as 4,200 BC  by the river Mekong.

However, the country experienced its heyday between the 9th and 15th centuries. During this time, the Khmer Empire of Angkor emerged, and the country became independent of the Java Empire.

Angkor fell into oblivion after many wars and destruction, the jungle swallowed it. It took until 1860 - that the naturalist Henri Mouhot discovered the temple complex and many researchers followed to get to know Angkor Wat


Discovery tour in and around Angkor Wat, with a little boy

As we came to Siem Reap with our young son to explore the impressive temple complex, we had 3-4 days. We explored the distant temples by car and Angkor Wat by tuktuk version of Cambodia. This version consists of a moped and I think attached carriage, our son loved it.


We were a little concerned that our son would get bored, but he found it interesting and explored the buildings with us. When he got bored, my husband made up stories. He told Alejandro he could read the writings in the walls and explained to him that a blond boy came from far away to find the hidden treasure. Our son loved it and when I think about it it was one of our favorite family vacations. Conclusion: Temples from the past are also interesting for small children.


Pineapple in Cambodia

Little story about buying pineapples that are offered on the side of the road. We bought pineapples and bananas after us on our first day and my husband says the pineapples are hot - I just laughed and said maybe the saleswoman saw chilies cut with the same knife beforehand. The next day, our dear companion brought us pineapples in a cool box and said I left the chili in the small bag, I didn't know if you liked it as much as we did. Bottom line, order your pineapple without the chili.

How to get to Angkor Wat

Siem Reap has its own airport and there are charter flights from the capital Phnom Penh and many other neighboring countries

You can also get to Siem Reap by bus or boat from across the Mekong from Vietnam or the capital


Where can I stay for the night

As with most of Southeast Asia, there is something to suit every budget and taste. From hostel to luxury hotel.

We had chosen our hotel close to the center of Siem Reap but still in a quiet location.


Our tips

Memoire d'Angkor Boutique Hotel - and - The Residence Indochine D'angkor


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