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Temple visits

Good to know how you should behave

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Wat Phra Kaeo

Today I would like to introduce you to a few rules of conduct for temple visits.

I believe that in a foreign country one should stand out with respect and not stand out through ignorance.

What to consider and observe  (not only en Thailand) when visiting a temple.

Dress code during Temple Visits:

Ladies should not show a lot of cleavage or knees. My tip, always have a light jacket and a beach towel or yoga pants with you, so you can put them on shortly before entering.

Sarong vor dem Eingang anlegen

In some temples, men also have to follow strict rules. For example in Wat Phra Kaeo, men are not allowed to enter here in shorts and have to wear a sarong. But you can also leave a deposit here and borrow a sarong.

Before entering the prayer halls and sacred buildings, it is a MUST to take off your shoes. These are left in front of the door, on the stairs or in the shelving units.

A little experience: Never set your feet towards Buddha

Never set your feet towards Buddha

In Wat Doi Sutep, we looked for our shoes for 30 minutes. We simply put the shoes next to the stairs, as is usual in most temples.

We simply misinterpreted the sign that said NO SHOES. Well, the sign didn't mean that you weren't allowed to go into the temple with your shoes, but that you weren't allowed to leave your shoes on the stairs.

Yes, and those, like us, who don't stick to it are simply pushed to the opposite bench with a large broom. Since the temple has so many entrance and exit doors, we initially thought we were out the wrong door. At some point I saw a boy pushing the shoes of other unsuspecting people to the benches.

It is also good to know that you should not sit down with your feet pointing towards the Buddha statue.

The best thing to do is sit on your feet or stand by the wad of the entrance.

Never set your feet towards Buddha

When you visit Ayuttaya, please do not stand behind any of the statues that have their heads missing. Unfortunately, I've seen that with my own eyes.

Also, we were told not to put your hands on children's heads, but our experience was that our little blond boy's head was kind of grabbed by everyone.

The best thing to do is observe and if you're not sure, just ask nicely.

I wish you a wonderful time in this beautiful country!
your Katrin

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