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United States of America

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United States of America is the 3rd largest country in terms of population and area.

The USA consists of 50 states. The capital is Washington D.C.

New York City has the most residents. Other important metropolises are Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington and a few more.

Official language is English. Spanish has also become the second most spoken language in the United States thanks to immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and many other Spanish-speaking countries. There are many languages spoken by the Native Americans, the largest being Yupik (Alaska), Dakota (Sioux language family) and Apache.

A bit history

More than 13,000 years ago, Indians from Asia immigrated to America and stayed there until colonization.

Around 1600, European colonization began, and the English and French founded the first cities. The settlers became independent after the American Revolution on July 4, 1776.

America made history for me in completely different areas:

- Music - Jazz, Blues, Country, and Rock n' Roll - Since 1959 the Grammys have been awarded in L.A.

- Movies - Hollywood

- Theater – Broadway

- Freedom of the press in 1791

History does not always have to be a building from antiquity!

Tourism in the United States

The US has the world's largest tourism industry, after Spain and France. Most tourists come from the neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada. Many city breaks and also national parks are often chosen as vacations by the Americans themselves.

What's the best way to get there?

Sure from Canada and Mexico there is the land route, but most tourists come by plane. America has countless airports, here are the ones that seemed most important to me With IATA code to make booking flights easier for you:

- John F. Kennedy International Airport New York – JFK

- San Francisco International Airport - SFO

- Miami International Airport - MIA

- Orlando International Airport (Disney) – MCO

- Dallas International Airport – DFW

- Denver International Airport - DEN

- Chicago O'Hare International Airport – ORD

- Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

- Fort Lauderdale-FLL

What to do in the USA

Surely you've read that America is the land of unlimited opportunity, and that's probably the case in this regard as well

- City tours

- Helicopter flights

- National Park visits

- And so much more

Rental cars and campers

The USA is big, so of course it makes sense to explore the country with a rental car or even a camper, if you have time then that's a great way to explore the country better

Where to sleep

Private accommodation, hostels, motels and luxury accommodation here too there is something for every budget and taste. It's best to take a look at  Externen Links

Destinations already described in the country:

  • Willy (Dad) and Katrin (Me) are their authors in the US.
  • Hawaii – chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean of Katrin
  • Southwest US Round Trips – by Willy (At the moment only in German, translation will follow!)
  • Grand Canyon – a natural wonder of a special kind – by Willy (At the moment only in German, translation will follow!)
  • Highway #1 – 1000 Kilometers on the Pacific Coast Highway – by Willy (At the moment only in German, translation will follow!)
  • San Francisco – the city where Willy (Dad) lost his heart and has described more than 100 places of interest in the city and much more to date… (At the moment only in German, translation will follow!)
  • Los Angeles – the city is much better than its reputation.I have to go there three times to understand… (At the moment only in German, translation will follow!)

USA travel recommendations:

Alamo Square
Die Painted Ladies am Alamo Square


Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge


The trips to USA are really indescribable. It's a completely different world there. As is often the case in life, opinions differ greatly here. I think everyone should do what they want. I like this country and that was the case for me immediately after the first landing and it has not changed to this day. "My" city is San Francisco, but my back has had a problem with long plane rides for years. Who knows what will come, I will not lose hope.

However, hope dies in the end and I just hold on to that!
Willy ;-)


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