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Or even better – lots of trips for little money

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Be it "low budget" or "low cost"... Traveling is not exactly cheap, but you can save a lot of money. With a few easy tricks and above all good planning you will achieve it. Again, it depends on how much time you dedicate to your trip preparations. Once again, time means "time is money”!

Low cost does not necessarily mean that it is a lower category or even "cheap" trip. Even 5-star hotels offer their rooms at 2-star hotel prices when they are not well booked. To occupy beds and cover expenses and, therefore, they are not immediately inferior…

If you book just before the flight and (for example) fly with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Barcelona for €630.16, you will be on the same plane at the same time as someone who booked their flight well in advance and at the bargain price of 99 euros.

No wonder customers in the two "price classes" even sit next to each other.

If money is not an issue, then it is easier to plan, but even if a wallet is not that full, you don't have to do without traveling. Good planning is all that matters here and can easily halve or even reduce your travel costs even further.

Here are some tips:

Make a list of travel destinations:  Create a list with your destinations (for example for City Trips) of your favorite trips. This way you will be more flexible with special offers and not only set one goal. What good is a good price for a trip to X if you really wanted to go to Y? If you have several options on your list, you are flexible and can save a lot of money.

Pay attention to travel times: if you have children and are tied to the holiday season, you really have an added difficulty because in the high season travel destinations are usually crowded and Prices are rarely cheap.

The early bird catches the worm (a very German saying): but if you book well in advance and organize your own trips, you will be surprised that there are also cheaper options in high season , especially in the most distant destinations.

And those who are not bound by time, should travel during the times when tourists are "needed", in vacation spots. So the prices are usually much lower than usual for the same quality...

Book flights early: Pay attention to special offers and don't commit to certain days of the week. Sometimes "Wednesday flights” are cheaper than "Monday flights”… Also, keep in mind the possible additional costs that may arise: For luggage or when paying by credit card.

When traveling to different destinations, you don't have to book flights individually, but you can also save a lot of money by booking flights from multiple destinations. Attention: To book a multi-destination flight through, click on the "Multiple destinations” option.

Don't wait until you've arrived at your destination to compare hotel deals: Hotel costs can put a big hole in your travel budget. That is why it is worth doing prior preparation with different suppliers because there are also big price differences. You can often find great deals. It is best to do it before the trip and from home. The best-known providers are: – –

Depending on the length of your stay, it is worth taking a look at the prices for apartments or flats on

Tours and tickets: not only the prices but also the queues at the individual places/attractions as they vary in amount/length. By booking online "in advance” you can not only save money but also a lot of time (and nerves). Because you can often go directly to the "online entrance” bypassing the sometimes very long queues. On the site, you generally take what you can get because there is simply not enough time to compare prices.

The good suppliers are here:

Externen Links TicketBar/Tiqets oder External Links

Rental car at the destination: It is best to book a rental car before traveling, for the following reasons. Booking the car on site usually also means booking it according to local conditions or insurance amounts. If, on the other hand, you book from your country through, as I do, then you have options for the insurance conditions and in case of emergency you know in advance what you have risked or are covered for… no. For this reason alone we have been booking with for years.

Tour Packages: If you want to have a carefree vacation and don't have time to plan, a package tour is a good option. The planning and organization of the trip is the responsibility of the organizer and the traveler is assisted by tour guides during their trip. You can find good deals here at:

Round trip by bus and train: If you don't want to travel alone through foreign countries and prefer to do it in a group. So definitely the round trip by bus is the best option. You always meet new people here. With good research, you can often go around the world at very reasonable prices. You can find good deals at:

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