Travel & Events by B&K

 Travel & Events by B&K

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We don't want to reveal too much yet, but there's a lot coming up and as far as planning goes, Bianca and I are already heavily involved.

We like to travel a lot, often and a lot and planning is often not that easy and usually very time-consuming and when one of our tours comes up again, many of our friends and acquaintances ask if they could just join in and benefit from our know-how could benefit. Be it booking the cheapest flights or the most popular hotels or the excursions we take on site...

So that we understand each other correctly, we are not tour operators or organizers of any trips. We A. do not have any permits and B. do not have the infrastructure of a travel agency.

We also cannot provide hotels, airlines, transfer buses and tour guides, but we are happy to advise our friends and acquaintances where they can book everything and that makes planning before the trip a lot easier.

If you want, you can join our group on site and enjoy a holiday with friends without having to worry about everything yourself. This is just a small foretaste of what's to come...

So please give us a little more time and as soon as there is news, we will contact you here on this page or in this department.

We have just returned from a group trip to Thailand and will soon write a short report about it and publish it here.


Travel & Event by B&K


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