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Turtle and Biyadhoo Reef

Tour with Sandbar Lunch!

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What you absolutely can’t miss in the Maldives is a snorkeling excursion.

We hadn't quite arrived yet and were looking forward to a snorkeling trip for the next day. We started at 8:30 a.m. after breakfast.


A little tip, if you're not 100% fit for a ship like me, take a travel pill, then you'll get more out of the trip.

You don't even need your equipment because you can borrow it on the excursion. We brought our own, but it wouldn't have been necessary.

From the meeting point we walked to the port together and were a nice little group. Everything was explained to us on the boat and the tour guides were extremely friendly. One of the companions had a camera and took photos of everyone, which you could get by the evening, sent as a file to you or get it straight on the phone, depending on your phone.  Great deal, really!

Alejandro in seinem Element

first stop was right at the Turtle and Biyadhoo Reef 

Our first stop was right at the turtle reef and indeed, we were very lucky to see 3 large turtles. These sea creatures are simply my favorites next to dolphins.

Alejandro was enthusiastic and in his element. He even sighted the third turtle without any help and showed it to me.

In addition to the turtles, there were countless colorful fish to see and the time flies by. We wore UV shirts with long sleeves to avoid burning. You are so fascinated by the underwater world that you don't even notice that you are burning your back and legs. We were in the water for about 45-50 minutes and then we went to the next reef.

die erste Schildkroete

On the way to the next reef, we met dolphins including a baby incredibly beautiful. A swarm of about 25-35 animals that swam with the boat, just goose bumps moments, of which I have already had several here. These dolphins live here in complete freedom and it's so beautiful.

At the next reef, the current was a little stronger, but the fish were even more beautiful. Swarms of colorful fish about 1 m below the water surface. We stayed here for about 45 minutes and, as I said, were fascinated!

lunch in the middle of a sandbank

Then it was off to a sandbank in the middle of the sea where lunch was served, very basic, don't expect a menu. Spaghetti and chicken were served on plastic plates. In addition, there was water or a juice and an apple for dessert. Everything was neatly cleared away and the rubbish taken away. Various bottles that were washed up there were also packed in the bag!


Then we had some time to walk and swim before heading back to Maafushi Port.


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