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Cartagena de Indias

one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia

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altstadt in Cartagena

I had seen a photo of Cartagena in a travel magazine and was fascinated by the colorful houses. The city has maintained the buildings from the colonial era and that makes this city so unique.

A few facts about Cartagena

In Spanish the city is called Cartagena de Indias, because when they discovered the bay they were looking for a new way to India. The crew came from Cartagena in Spain.

This city was founded in 1533 and developed into the most important port city of the Spanish crown. Port was repeatedly attacked by English, Dutch and French troops. Therefore, in XVII and XVIII rebuilt the fortress and its walls, but despite this the city was plundered again and again. But the city was rebuilt again and again and the Colombians have maintained this treasure of colonial architecture until today.

hafen catragena

What is the best way to get to Cartagena

By plane, via Bogota or Miami

By cruise ship, many providers come here or depart from here.

To avoid stress, we always book a transfer from the airport to the accommodation in advance.

Where to stay in Cartagena

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What to do in Cartagena

You can explore the city on your own without fear, even in the evening and early morning without hesitation. Nevertheless, it is worth booking a city tour to hear the history of the individual buildings. You can do a bike tour or on foot. The guided tour to the typical graffiti paintings was also very nice

A visit to the Museum del Oro.

A boat trip at sunset or driving through the city with the party bus to Caribbean rhythms.

In addition, day trips to the Islas de Rosario are offered, which were really beautiful, again with Caribbean flair on the ship, even my husband and my son danced.

There is so much to see and the city has thousands of great photo opportunities, I’m in love with this city.

Pizzeria in Cartagena

Where can one eat

We have been to the city several times and simply looked for a free table on one of the many terraces. The fish is fresh everywhere, you are here in the Caribbean. You can also find more on Tripadvisor if you prefer to search in advance!


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