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Energy in Kakku

Car Breakdown en Myanmar

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I was very lucky to travel the country in summer 2019. The military coup on February 1, 2021 had an extreme impact on tourism, as there were violent clashes between the civilian population and the military almost everywhere.

Till now, I am in contact with many of the people we met on our journey to this beautiful country. My acquaintances very much hope that their country will soon be open to tourism again without restrictions.

It would be just too nice for its incredibly hospitable residents. Nature and agriculture are all beautifully green.


A couple of facts

Myanmar is an 89% Buddhist country, which alone makes it endearing to me like most Southeast Asian countries.

The country is rich in precious stones, jade, petroleum and natural gas.

The country is easy to combine with surrounding countries in one trip, there are many small airports connecting the main cities.

To his story

Different peoples and dynasties ruled the country again and again there were wars, destruction and reconstruction. As early as the 16th century, the Portuguese and British traded with the country.

What's the best way to get there?

By plane directly to the capital Rangoon

Or you combine there are many charter flights from Thailand, Laos and Japan to the country... more info coming soon

Here is my report on our visit to Kakku

Kakku and its 2,478 pagodas

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places with an incredible energy

The buildings of Kakku are more than 2,300 years old and resemble a cemetery, but I was told it isn't.

When planning our trip to Myanmar, I came across this destination by "accident".

Sometimes I have a feeling in my stomach, also with Kakku - and it turned out even better than I had imagined.

Right after we landed in Heho,

Right after we landed in Heho, the driver picked us up from the hotel and we drove to this wonderful place. It was lunchtime and very subtropical warm, but as soon as we entered the facility we were enchanted.

The wind played with the bells that decorated the pagoda. and. I didn't really know much about this place because I just wanted to go here.

We met salamanders, butterflies, birds, dogs and a cat on our tour of discovery through the facility. Every picture I took frustrated me because I just wasn't able to recognize the beauty of the whole picture between the eye, the ear and the energy felt there.

Eventually I gave up taking a lot of pictures but just decided to feel this energy. I'm like that. We had come home from the airport tired and a little stressed and suddenly we were both as ZEN as seldom in our lives.

Autopanne Myanmar

Somewhere in Myanmar.

After a while we left the facility and the car with our driver was gone..... Somewhere in Myanmar.... the suitcases and almost everything were in the car. My son got a little worried, but I said the man is coming from the hotel and will be back soon.

After 40 minutes the driver was there and we started the almost 2 hour drive to our hotel. After about 20 minutes the car started to smoke and the driver drove to a gas station. He opened the hood and more smoke could be seen, he grabbed a hose and I grabbed Alejandro and pulled him out of the car.

The driver barely spoke English and Alejandro was happy to be sitting on the bus stop bench somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Myanmar. After the radiator was cooled with the hose while the engine was running and water was refilled, the smoke subsided and after 40 minutes we went on to the hotel without any problems.

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