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the accessible old city wall is illuminated at night

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Avila bei Tag

I only knew Avila by it’s name until a few years ago. A holiday photo of a friend made me curious about this historic city. I really wanted to see the impressive city walls by myself.

Spain with a motorhome

In April 2022, our family traveled around Spain with a motorhome for the first time. Toledo, Avila, Salamanca, Leon, Santillana de Mar, Picos de Europa were on the list and Caceres was spontaneously added along the way. In one week we did over 2,300km. More about the other beautiful cities soon here.

mittelalterliche Stadtmauer bei Dunkelheit

Back to Avila. We arrived at dusk and were still looking for a place for our caravan. Then we headed towards the city walls and even that first sight was a gift to me. In the evening the city walls are illuminated, a wonderful idea that has something mystical about it. I probably would have just looked for a place to sit and marvel, but my two men were hungry.

The typical "Chuleton" in Avila

We were looking for a place to eat and the boys ordered a local dish "Chuleton" I thought they'd never get the huge piece of meat finished but lo and behold they ate it up in no time. The restaurant was outside the city walls with a view and so I was lucky to still be able to admire the wall comfortably.

mittelalterliche Stadtmauer

I keep asking myself how people were able to build something so incredible in the past. How much history has happened here. What would the walls tell us if they could speak?

A couple of facts: 

Avila is the provincial capital of the province of the same name.

According to historians, the Roman city was exactly where the old town is today. The Roman bridge and mosaics are some remnants of that period that have survived to this day and which you can admire here.

The city walls consist of towers and 9 gates. Avila Wall is a Romanesque defensive wall built to protect the city. For me it is a gift of history that has managed to survive till today, probably thanks to its location. The city wall measures 13.5 km. The old town and other churches outside the walls were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. There is so much history in our country and that brings me to my favorite phrase about Spain.

Kirche von Sankt Petrus
The Church of Saint Peter

"Spain has so much more to offer than sun and sea."

What to see & do in Avila:

The beautiful city walls of course, tours are offered to see and walk parts of the walls, my advice is to book in advance especially on holidays and weekends.

The Cathedral of Cristo Salvador of Avila: There is no exact date when it was built, but it is believed that Alvar Garcia started its construction in 1091. It is the first Gothic cathedral in Spain. A mix of Romanesque and Gothic.

Kathedrale von Avila

Convent Church of Santa Teresa the building, said to be at the birthplace of Santa Teresa de Jesus, it was built in the early 17th century. The monastery dates from 1632.

The beautiful building of the Basilica of San Vicente, a Roman temple. For me one of the most beautiful buildings. I came out of the city wall and there were a lot of buses in front of us and suddenly I saw the construction on the other side of the road, and I was pulled like a magnet. Pure history! It was declared a national monument as early as 1882. Construction began in 1120.

Tuck Tuck in Avila
A small city tour for a small price in a tuk tuk

Avila's main square "La plaza del Mercado Chico” right in the center is stunning and everything you imagine historical Spain to be. The rectangular square with arcades on three sides and the Town Hall on the NE side opposite the Church of San Juan Bautista.

Marktplatz mit Rathaus Market square with town hall

Puerta del Alcazar

Palacio de los Superunda, with its beautiful inner courtyard and the typical wooden balconies that can also be found in colonial buildings in South America, just typical Castilla.

Avila am Abend
Avila in the evening from the vantage point (Spanish = Mirador) just outside the city

Where to sleep

We were here with the mobile home and had the bed with us, there is a site directly opposite the city wall that is better booked in advance. Motorhome Parking.

Hotels, guest houses and apartments are best found on the various booking portals, below you will find some links.

There is something for every budget.



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