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Santa María Magdalena & Castillo de la Mola

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On my exploration tour around the Finca la Margarita de Ganesha I discovered this wonderful place.

From the highway I had seen the church on a mountain and started to search for more information about the location.


Santa María Magdalena

The church became the landmark of Novelda and even part of the village festival is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. You will find the Santuario de Santa María Magdalena 3 km outside of Novelda. I think the best is, to enter the GPS data. I drove through green fields with vines and fruit trees. The way there was really nice. You can see the beautiful church from afar. Somehow it seemed to me like a miniature of the Sagrada Familia.

Santa María Magdalena

The Santa María Magdalena, built in Catalan Art Nouveau style, was completed in 1946. The construction was designed by José Sala Sala in 1918 and construction began. As I said, the external design shows typical ornamental motifs of Art Nouveau. Ceramics, bricks and colorful tiles were processed in a harmonious way and this is how this unique church was created.


The location is simply fantastic, from afar you can already see the church on the ridge of the Mola mountain. The view from the square in front of the entrance is also a delight. From here you have a spectacular view over the entire Vinalopó Valley. The view from the parking lot is rather unspectacular with a view of the industrial area.

After visiting the church, don't forget to visit the Mola Castle.

Mola Castle

Novelda 5

The castle was built in the Almohad style at the end of the 12th century. Parts of the walls and the square tower are still preserved. The location on the back of Mount Mola and 360m above sea level was an advantage to dominate another area.

This castle belongs to a group of fortresses in the Vinalopó Valley, which guarded this important communication route between the Mediterranean coast and the plain (Meseta). Towards the end of the 14th century, already under Christian domination, the structure of the castle was modified, adding a particular tower made up of three perfectly equal sides. From this triangular tower you get an overview of the whole valley that surrounds the castle. Today the castle is also a symbol of the city of Novelda.


In 1931 it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural), thus obtaining the artistic historical recognition it deserved. (Information from the City of Novelda)

If you hiked here, there are several nice picnic spots to relax.


Festivals in Novelda

The city of Novelda celebrates its festivals in honor of Saint Mary Magdalene from July 19th to 25th. At the same time the festivals of the Moors and Christians take place. Processions and pilgrimage bring color and life to the small town, ideal ingredients to enjoy intensely some commemorative holidays.


In addition, in the calendar of festivals of the city of Novelda, an important event are the days of carnival, when the procession of the "40 hours" takes place. It is unique in Spain and was granted to the city as a privilege by Pope Leo XIII.

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