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the smallest of the inhabited spanish islands

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Tabarca Pueblo

Just in front off our coast 8km from the port of Santa Pola - lies one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alicante region. The island of Tabarca is the smallest of the inhabited islands of Spain. With a length of just 1,800m and a width of 400m, Tabarca can easily be explored on foot. The XVIII century church, the historic town, city walls and the crystal clear bays give Tabarca its wonderful charm.

Kirche in Tabaraca

Pirates coming to this Island

During the Roman Empire, Tabarca was a haven for pirates coming from North Africa. To stop piracy off the Alicante coast, Carlos III built defensive walls and populated Tabarca in 1760.

Some parts of the city walls have almost disappeared, but there are also well-preserved parts that are worth visiting. The city walls have 3 Baroque-style entrances / doors through which you can enter and visit the charming streets of the city.

- Puerta de San Rafael in front of the picturesque port

- Puerta de San Gabriel – part of a Roman cemetery was found here

- la Porta de San Miguel

The Governor's House is also a gift from history

die Insel Tabarca

The old Lighthouse

There are various small routes that lead across the island. TheLighthouse is located on the eastern part of the island. Follow the path past the bay where the boats are anchored and the Torre de San José to experience the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here. La Torre de San Jose dates from the XIV-XV centuries.

Since 1986 the waters around Tabarca are a nature reserve with incredible biodiversity. In the 1400 hectares of the reserve, one can find grouper, bream, lobster, sea urchins and starfish as well as sea turtles. This makes Tabarca a diving and snorkeling paradise in the Mediterranean.

What is the best way to get to Tabarca?

From the port of Santa Pola by ship as it is only 8km, you can book here

From Alicante there are also connections to Tabarca and excursions by catamaran.

Of course you can also charter a sailing boat yourself and anchor off Tabarca and go ashore from here.

What to do in Tabarca

Snorkeling tour or diving as well as other water sports, best to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.

Hauseingang in Tabarca

Restaurants and the typical food of the island

So the "Caldero" is the typical dish on Tabarca - a rice dish similar to paella, it's best to reserve in advance in one of the restaurants

Tabarca - la virgendel esclavo

Where can I stay for the night

If you want to stay overnight on the island then you will find two very nice properties here, but keep in mind that if you rent an apartment you will have to bring your food with you or go out to eat.

You can find accommodation options at  Externen Links


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