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Bali is and remains one of my favorite places

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The island of the gods has fascinated me for many years and since my first visit in 2005 I would love to come here at least twice a year.

Jimbaran is a must see, it's close to the airport, but the beach with its small restaurants where you can choose your own fish "I love it". Anyone who knows me will probably laugh now, because I'm a bit meticulous about food and nobody thinks I'm capable of such things.

Der Weg der 1000 Erinnerungen The path of 1000 memories...

Head out, Heart on!

But that's exactly what I love about Asia, here I'm probably just me, head out, heart on! Our favorite corner here is the one near the Four Season Hotel, in the evening the tables are set up on the beach and the lights on the tables look like stars from afar. The smell of burnt coconut shells on which the fresh fish is grilled mmmmhhhh. Barracuda is my favorite fish, it just tastes amazing here, shrimp, mussels, etc. just wow and, in contrast to Europe, cheap. But if you don't like fish, don't worry, they also offer European cuisine.

gedeckte Tische am Jimbaran Beach
Laid tables on Jimbaran Beach

It's better to come for the sunset

It's best to come for the sunset as it's stunning on this side of the island.

The fishermen come back in the morning, they clean the nets, sometimes the fish is sold directly from the boat, nothing is kept simple and traditional.

I love to watch such simple hustle and bustle. Women who come to the Beach with their offerings to thank the gods that their men are back, just beautiful.

If you want to learn more about Bali and you love nature like me, then I hope this page will bring you closer to this beautiful spot-on earth.

Alejandros "Siesta" im Reisfeld
Alejandro's "Siesta" in the rice field


the island of the gods

Tradition and tourism coexist on this island like no other I know. Good and evil are honored in Balinese culture in order to find balance. So what place in the world could be better to find your balance.

Bali simply offers something for every visitor.

- Volcano and mountain hikes

- Beach vacation

- Culture

- Temple

- Rice terraces

- Gastronomy

- Markets, spices and scents

The beach towns of Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Lovina and Kanggu are popular with tourists worldwide. Ubud in central Bali was discovered by foreign artists in the 1930s, meanwhile Ubud has grown enormously but is still one of my favorite places!

Vor dem Gebet gibt's noch ein Bad
There's a bath before prayer

If you visit Bali you should not miss to visit the temples.

There is also a lot to discover for the palate and there is something for every taste and every budget.

If you have a little extra time, then explore the small Gili Islands or Nusa Lembogan. Snorkeling and diving is a must here and will be rewarded.

The island of Lombok, Flores, or Java, where you can visit one of the most important Buddhist temples, Borobudur. They all are easy to reach from here.


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